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6/5/20231 min read

Hello All!

I shared this Sunday but for those of you that weren't there, you may get something out of it as well!

A story is told of an old Russian peasant that had spent half his life training a pet bear to ride a unicycle. The money that was earned from the performances the two put on was the only income that they had. Fortunately they were popular attractions wherever they went and usually drew large crowds. One night after one such show, a rich Russian Nobleman came backstage to talk with the old man. "Now look here" said the Nobleman, "I demand a refund. My daughter can ride a unicycle just as well and she's only ridden for two years!" "Two Years!" the old man exclaimed, "How long has she been a bear?"

Sometimes we miss the fact that it is a BEAR RIDING A UNICYCLE. It's not that it's done well that is the miraculous part but that it is done AT ALL. Make sure that you judge with God's love and grace in mind. Sometimes we judge harshly thinking "couldn't they do better" or "couldn't they do it faster" or a million other things. We do not always know the difficulties that others are facing. Sometimes just forcing themselves out of bed and into a new day may be the miraculous. They may truly be a bear riding a unicycle!

Heavenly Father, help me to show those around me the love and grace needed to reflect you in my words and attitudes. In Jesus Name, AMEN!